Periscope for PC Free Download for Windows and Mac

Periscope for PC Free Download for Windows and Mac

Periscope for PC Free Download :  Hi, Friends Do you want to use the world best video streaming application on your PC computer. Then you are in a right  place you can get the direct download link of periscope for PC. One of the most downloaded and celebrated Video streaming application is called periscope is now available on an android platform also. This application is released in iPhone after the huge response from the users then they made it for android also now we can us this application on our PC windows/mac. So in this post, I will tell you the complete instructions of how to download periscope for PC and installation guide. Be tuned and continue read this post to get more knowledge of periscope.

Periscope For PC
Periscope For PC
Think about it watching a live event video like worldwide biggest events on your smartphone, with all angles and commenting on the event lively. This is what periscope for PC application doing. We can easily watch all type of broadcasters live streaming videos like fashion shows, parade and etc. People are really eager to do new things this new application give space for those people who want to showcase their talents.

All so see:
Bigo Live PC.

The best part is you can use this application in your laptop or computer so this is really awesome to know that watching an event by buying tickets and get into the place is very difficult but in this case, you can watch everything on your computer screen by using periscope for PC. 

Periscope For PC Download:

This wonderful application is mostly installed default by the manufacturers because this is one of the basic apps in each and every phone today.  periscope on PC is the very fastest way of making live streaming videos  and publish to the world. This application makes you have followers because of this you can get all notifications of your followed broadcasters and you can join in the video comments to share your thoughts. the viewers can send a heart to share their wish.

                                                  Download Periscope for pc
                                                          Download Periscope for PC Directly

Periscope for PC windows desktop needs an android emulator to run an android application. Android emulators are awesome software to download and run periscope on the PC application. To download android emulators and install periscope for the computer from the following steps.

System Requirements to use Periscope on PC:

To run an android application on the computer we need to first download android emulators so to run this android emulator we need the following requirements in our system then only the emulators will work properly.
  1. The system should have at least 4GB ram to get a great experience .
  2. The computer should have least 30 GB of disk space free.
  3. Need a graphics card to support all application graphics on your PC.
  4. To use this Periscope for PC you need an additional camera and a mic to record a video. 

Video Tutorial To download Periscope for PC:

Try to watch the below video to get the details if you think this is not informative continue your reading to know more about periscope for PC download.


Download Periscope for PC Using Bluestacks:

To run an android application we need an android emulator. To download that follow the below steps.
Why bluestacks? You will have a question right let me tell you. This emulator gives best user experience and the features of this are awesome compared to other emulators.

Download periscope for windows
  1. First Need to Download Bluestacks.exe On your PC.
  2. After getting the .exe file of blue stacks then you need to click on the file to make it install.
  3. After getting installed open the application and now search for the periscope in the search box.
  4. You will see the application on the screen then just click on the application and follow the installation steps shown on the screen.
  5. Now it is time to use the wonderful application called periscope for PC.
These are all the steps to download and install the application on your laptop you can also try the below method also using another emulator called andy.

 Download Periscope for PC Using Andyroid:

Andyroid is an another android emulator which is also will help you to have android applications on your PC this is also having the good reputation in the users.

Download andyroid emulator.
Click to install the software.
Search for periscope for PC in the search box.
Now install the periscope on your PC and connect your webcam , mic, headphone to make a live video.
This is all the process to download  and use periscope on PC.

Periscope on laptop
Periscope on laptop

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Features Of Periscope For PC:

  • This application is released by twitter so they give you the option to share your videos on twitter. If You share your links on twitter anyone can join in that video session.
  • If you want to make a private video broadcast that is also possible by using private option.
  • There is replay option to stop and play any live video streaming at any time.
  • The heart is an option to show your likeness for that video similar to like button.
  • You can integrate your twitter account with periscope for windows account 
  • Like normal android application, this periscope for laptop also will get notify by the broadcasters.
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